The Importance of a Good Oral Hygiene

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Your teeth may be more important than you realize as its health affects your overall wellness. Research has shown that oral health shows many indicators to other problems in the body. Also, dental ailments can eventually lead to serious systemic illnesses over time. This necessitates the understanding of the relationship between dental health and the whole body.

It all begins with an infection

If you take a germ test, you will see that your mouth is home to a million bacteria. Most of these are harmless, and those that are dangerous are fought off by your saliva and immune system. Apart from that, your regular oral hygiene that includes brushing and flossing takes care of any harm.

Sometimes, poor nutrition, improper dental care, medication, etc., tend to create a breeding ground for microbes in the mouth. These germs attack your gums or tooth enamel causing problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, enamel erosion and more. Sometimes, they are also associated with major illnesses like heart disease, AIDS, etc.

The link between dental health and body

Poor oral health contributes towards many chronic conditions like:

Premature birth: In many cases periodontitis has caused babies to be born before term and presented with low birth weight.

Cardiovascular disease: Oral bacteria or plaque that penetrate into the bloodstream have been proven to cause clogged arteries, stroke and other related conditions.

Endocarditis: The germs in the oral cavity can also travel down through bloodstream and infect the lining of the pericardium or endocardium causing infarctions and other complications.

Osteoporosis: Microbes in the gum often weaken the gum tissue and penetrate in the bone tissue in the surrounding area of the teeth causing tooth loss.

AIDS: Gingivitis in people who have AIDS or HIV can lead to painful mucosal lesions that can further get infected.
Regular visits to the dentist and a good oral hygiene can help in preventing such complications.