“Paperless” Dental Office

This office is a “paperless” dental office, which means that your chart, clinical notes, x-rays, images and all other aspects of your dental care are maintained in a digital chart. This eliminates the excessive waste of paper products that become necessary when maintaining a traditional paper file of all of your dental records. By limiting paper use, we are doing our very small part to help the environment.

A paperless, fully digital office also benefits your dental care in several ways. Digital x-rays and images are saved to your digital chart, which allows Dr. Nalini Sutharsan and her staffs to access them from anywhere in the dental office, as well as, Dr. Nalini Sutharsan can access your records remotely if necessary when the office is closed. Digital Dental records can be used to send to the insurance company, to display and explain x-rays and intra-oral photos to you in the examination room, or they may also be emailed to you for your personal records. These digital images can also be enhanced in quality and/or in size to better assess and review, so that Dr. Nalini Sutharsan can provide you with the best options possible regarding your specific dental care.

Anything that has been printed onto paper can be scanned in and saved to your digital chart as well, so that we will always have a copy for your records and will not have to worry about losing that original copy. It is for your benefit that we provide a paperless dental office.