5 Habits That Spoil Your Teeth

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You may follow an excellent oral health routine and still be damaging your teeth with your everyday habits. Here are a few of them you can watch out for and change before you chip a tooth or two.

Chew on food

Your teeth are meant to chew on food and to be used in certain ways. It is not alright to crack open nuts or tear a bag of chips or even gnaw the top off a ketchup bottle. These actions could cause tearing of tissues, chipping of the enamel or even fracture the tooth itself. Sometimes you might even break a tooth, and remember they don’t grow back.

Ice isn’t for chewing

You might argue that the ice falls under the category of food. But it is extremely hard and not to mention very cold. It might end up damaging the soft tissues of your teeth causing toothaches or crack your teeth when you are trying to bite it. Drink a glass of cold water instead of chewing on ice cubes.

Mouth is not for piercings

You might think it looks cool, but a piercing on the lip or tongue could damage the enamel of your teeth due to constant contact. It can also be a breeding ground for bacteria leading to infections, plaque, gum disease, cavities and more. Talk to your dentist before you consider a piercing.

Chew gum if you feel the need

It is normal to unknowingly grind your teeth or chew on a pencil while you are deep in concentration. It is also a big factor causing the tooth to chip or crack, or trigger toothaches regularly. If you do feel the need to chew, try sugarless gum. It stimulates the salivary glands, keeps your mouth clean and also helps to make your teeth stronger.

Too tough for a mouth guard

You may be good at sports, but your teeth are not invincible. Wear a mouth guard while you are riding a bike or playing sports to avoid injury to your teeth. It could be extremely painful, may require a surgery and sometimes implants if you knock one out.