Bad breath Ruining your Love Life?

They say love is blind, but never that love is odour-less. No matter how attractive someone is or how much you may love him or her, bad breath can be a major turn off. Bad breath, also known as halitosis is a common aliment that affects everyone at some point in time. Bad breath is caused by bacteria on the surface of the mouth, tongue and roof of the mouth.

Many different factors cause bad breath – smoking, poor oral hygiene habits, certain foods and persisting dental health problems. Certain foods, like onion, garlic and coffee can cause short-term bad breath. Brushing and mouthwash can help relieve this type of bad breath. However, for bad breath caused by other factors, further dental treatment may be required.

Breaching the topic of bad breath with your significant other can be tricky as it can involve hurt feelings. But since bad breath can ruin your love life, it is important to discuss it. You can try to bring up the topic lightly, by suggesting they brush or use a mint, or you can act by example by engaging in good oral hygiene yourself – brushing after meals, flossing, check-ups, etc. You can always suggest routine check-ups with the dentist for the two of you, and have the dentist take care of explaining oral hygiene. Having regular dental cleanings can help prevent bad breath caused by dental problems. Good oral hygiene is important for relationships.

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