Everything you need to know about orthodontic braces

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TV shows and movies often portray a person with braces as geeky or socially awkward. These outdated and stereotypical portrayals create a negative view about braces when, in fact, they’re an important tool that contributes to your dental health and can improve your facial structure.

Why would you need braces?

Have you ever been bothered by the shape or position of your teeth? Do you have problems maintaining oral hygiene because of crooked or misaligned teeth?

Whatever the reason, braces will help you correct many dental problems associated with your teeth and jaw.

Dental braces are commonly used to align and straighten teeth in order to improve overall dental health. Underbites, overbites, deep bites, cross bites, crooked teeth, crowding of teeth, gaps between teeth, and other structural issues can be rectified using braces.

By correcting these problems, you will be able to take care of your oral cavity better and avoid much larger and chronic diseases. If you think you might benefit from braces, pay us a visit at Markham NS Dental Clinic.

Common misconceptions about braces

Many of you are unaware or misinformed about the use and application of braces. Read on to dismiss your misapprehensions about braces.

● Braces are for children: Many adults avoid correcting their teeth thinking that braces are for kids. They feel teeth are best corrected during childhood. But the structure of your jaw and teeth will be changing throughout your life, so braces are as useful for adults as they are for children.

● Tight braces speed up treatment: Assuming that tightening braces will align your teeth faster and rid you of the braces is irrational. Too much pressure can damage your jaw and oral tissues, and lead to long-term effects. Instead, focus on following your dentist’s instructions as accurately as possible so that you won’t need a longer treatment time.

● Braces are uncomfortable: Initially, it will seem like a foreign object has camped in your mouth. After a period of adjustment, you will hardly feel it.

● The correction is permanent: Once your teeth have straightened and aligned, you may think it's permanent. But dental care and realignment don't end with braces. Orthodontic retainers will help keep your teeth properly aligned and the correction continues on even after removal.

● Braces are ugly: Not anymore. At one point all you got to see were people with metal wires and rubber bands in their mouth. Today, braces have become a fashion statement. They come in tooth-colored or clear shades, colored patterns and designs that can be worn by anyone.

● Braces take a long time to work: Every treatment has its own time frame. If you want to finish the treatment within time follow every instruction to the T. Brush properly, be regular to your appointments, and maintain your braces as instructed, and you’ll be getting them removed before you know it.

● Braces are expensive: Braces can be a little heavy on the pocket but many dental plans cover orthodontics. Additionally, the long-term benefits outweigh the cost. So work with your dentist to make the process easier for you and your pocket.

Braces are essential whether you want to correct the alignment of your teeth or improve your smile. Whether your need is cosmetic or functional, a good set of braces and proper treatment can improve your oral hygiene and the shape of your face to reveal a better version of yourself.