How much does the Canadian Tooth Fairy pay?

We all know the tooth fairy. She comes at night and leaves behind money in exchange for baby teeth. We can't tell you what she does with all those teeth, but we can tell you how much she's paying Canadian children on average. And parents, you may want to read this in secret because your children may start asking for a raise from the Tooth Fairy when they find out that they're getting less than American children.

A Visa Canada survey from 2014 revealed that the Canadian Tooth Fairy leaves an average of $2.80 per tooth while the American tooth fairy pays $3.69 per tooth.

Here are some of the results regionally:

Atlantic Provinces: Average of $3.46 per tooth (35 per cent of children in these provinces can also expect to receive $5 or more per tooth!)
Alberta: Average of $3.12 per tooth
Ontario: Average of $3.21 per tooth
British Colombia: Average of $3.12
Prairies: Average of $2.43 per tooth.
Quebec: Average of $2.06 per tooth (13 per cent of kids receive nothing!)

How much does the tooth fairy leave behind for your children?