Keeping Teeth Clean and Healthy during the Holidays

With an excess of delicious sugary treats, the holiday seasons can have a harmful impact on our teeth. However, it does not necessarily have to be this way if you take necessary precautions and proper care of your teeth. Here’s how:

Watch what you eat – It’s obvious that you would want to treat yourself to seasonal food and drinks with all their sugary goodness. At the same time, you have to think about how those treats will impact your dental and physical health. You don’t necessarily      have to avoid these foods altogether but try going easy and cutting down to small portions at fixed timings.

Avoid having too much of foods like chocolates, pies, cookies, candies, fudge, and cakes. These items may easily result in plaque buildup and dental cavities.

Try cutting down on drinks like red wine, cranberry juice, hot chocolate, eggnog, black coffee, apple cider, and holiday mixed drinks. Aside from staining your teeth, these acidic drinks can eat away at the enamel of your teeth and cause sensitivity or even chips and cracks in the teeth.

Drink more water – A glass of water can work wonders on your teeth by washing away leftover food and sugar from the mouth. This effectively helps in preventing germ and plaque buildup, which may cause cavities and infection.

If you intend to drink several glasses of sugary beverages, make sure you slip in a glass of water after every drink. This prevents sugar buildup in your mouth, so as to avoid tooth decay. You can also follow the same tip for when you treat yourself to sugary snacks and dessert.

Find a balance – It’s always a good idea to balance your consumption of sugary food and drinks. For healthy teeth during and after the holidays, it’s important to make some      compromise. Instead of having plenty of both at the same time, try to have either of them at one time.

You could start off with a holiday drink while munching on a snack that’s low in sugar. Consider paying more attention to the relish tray or snacking on cheese and crackers. Later on, you could switch to a glass of water and a slice of pie or some cookies.