New Diet Trend – Smoothies?

Raw veggies are out and smoothies are in! You can find tons of ways to juice your vegetables into delicious smoothies. It beats eating the real stuff right? Wrong. While smoothies may be an easy way to pack your vitamins, antioxidants and fiber into one glass, they can cause tooth decay.

If you buy prepackages smoothies, many times they are loaded with concentrated sugars and fruit blends that erode tooth enamel. (Remember to check the side label!) This is especially true when smoothies are consumed as a snack between meals when we usually do not brush.

Your best option? Continue to use smoothies, but make them yourself and don’t add extra sugar. Remember to always brush half an hour after drinking a smoothie to prevent any tooth decay. This way, your body gets the energy and vitamins while your safeguard your pearly whites! And remember, you should also continue to eat actual fruits and vegetables without juicing them as part of your meals!

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