Picture Perfect: 4 Secrets for Whiter Teeth

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A sparkling, bright smile has innumerable benefits. From making a splendid first impression to making you look younger, there are several reasons why you should adopt oral care habits that result in whiter and brighter teeth.

An independent research firm, called Kelton Research, has revealed that not only does your smile play a vital role in socialisation at your workplace, it might also contribute towards you landing your dream job. So, don’t forget to add “brush teeth” to all your pre-interview checklists.

Apart from traditional methods like using a whitening toothpaste, rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash, brushing the right way, and opting for professional treatments, there are several daily habits that will ensure that your smile looks better than ever. Read on to learn more the secrets to having brighter teeth.


Swap Your Toothbrush

When it comes to oral hygiene, the most basic tool in your arsenal is your toothbrush. Few people realize what an important role it plays while whitening your teeth. Replace your toothbrush every three months or as soon as you see the bristles starting to show signs of wear because a worn out toothbrush won’t be able to keep your teeth clean effectively. Ragged bristles won’t be able to reach the tiny corners of your mouth or the spaces between your teeth. This means that tiny food particles will be stuck in them. This may lead to an increase in bacterial growth in your teeth, eventually causing discoloration.


Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Following a good diet not only keeps you healthy and fit but also results in sparkling, healthy teeth. Include raw fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, and cauliflower in your diet. Crunchy foods like nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, and peanuts) are rich in vitamins, calcium, and iron, which are highly beneficial for your teeth. Vegetables and crunchy foods keep your teeth clean by removing surface stains and plaque. Also, consider replacing your morning mug of coffee with a warm cup of green tea, as it is rich in polyphenols, which prevent bacterial growth and fight cavities.


Avoid Dark-Colored Foods

Dark-colored drinks and foods like blueberries, soy sauce, black tea, and red wine are something you should avoid consuming in excess if you want to keep your teeth white. Food items with dark pigmentation can discolor and stain your teeth over time. Obviously, giving up dark foods completely is not an option but you can cut back on them. Apart from tea and coffee, other staining elements include energy and sports drinks. Being acidic in nature, these beverages not only stain your teeth but also cause the enamel to erode. You can use a straw while consuming these drinks to avoid direct contact with your teeth. If your teeth are already showing signs of discoloration, visit your dentist to have them cleaned. At Markham NS Dental Clinic, you can make an appointment with any of our practitioners for this quick and easy procedure.


Exploit The Power Of Water

Either rinse your mouth immediately after consuming citrus fruits or teeth-staining drinks or have a glass of water afterwards. A sip or two of water will not only prevent your teeth from becoming discolored but also keep them safe by washing away any harmful acidic remnants on your teeth.

These simple, easy to follow tips are an effortless way to keep your teeth healthy and white. And if you’ve been dreaming of a picture perfect smile, here’s your chance to ensure that you have it.