As concerned citizens, we want to do our part to minimize our environmental impact. Every aspect of our office has been designed with your comfort and safety in mind. We're also committed to sustaining an environmentally-sound business.

Experience our eco-friendly approach in Markham NS Dental

  1. Mercury-free restorations that offer more biocompatibility.
  2. Mercury water-line filtration for removing old amalgam filling materials.
  3. Energy-efficient LED and reflective fluorescent lighting.
  4. Steam autoclave sterilization using distilled water (no toxic chemicals).
  5. Digital X-rays and photography to reduce traditional film-based chemicals.
  6. Micrylium Green Team - cleaning and disinfection products that are both effective and kind to our environment.
  7. Digitization of office systems – to reduce paper consumption.
  8. Smile Reminder System - email and text-message to reduce mailing.
  9. Office recycling program - reducing the carbon footprint of our business.