Gerlyn Fegidero

Gerlyn Fegidero

Being a preventive oral health professional and a dental hygienist, Gerlyn is skilled in assessing patient’s oral health conditions, cleansing patient’s teeth, determining any abnormalities and prep patients for the dental exams. She is known for her excellence in diagnosing the dental conditions of the patients and explaining them all treatment options and suggesting them the best recommendation that suits their circumstances. She accomplishes it with the warm and welcoming approach in the comfortable atmosphere created by Markham NS Dental.

Crowns and caps, teeth whitening, fillings and repairs, root canal therapy are some of her most handled procedures. Gerlyn enjoys educating patients with a lot of tips and techniques that they have never heard of before! Eventually provide patients with the preventive therapies to improve their oral and overall health.

Gerlyn feels proud to work with Markham NS Dental for the high quality of service offered and high expertise of the professionals.

Most importantly, NS dental values the time of every patient so they never make anyone wait for long and the environment is always maintained clean and comfortable.

Cooking, gardening and watching movies are her interests outside of dentistry.