Painless Dentistry!

Are you nervous about your dental treatment?
You have need of dental care but too afraid to go visit dentist.
Does the thought of going to the dentist give you chills?

Answer: Now relax. There is really no reason to be nervous.

Dentistry has come a long way over the last few years and many of you will be surprised on your next visit. Even if you have put off going to the dentist and are experiencing problems, your dentist has new ways to provide relatively painless treatment. For invasive procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction, biopsies and complex root canal surgery, nerve block is often administered. This involves the injection of an anesthetic to block sensation to the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain. By blocking the nerve with an anesthetic, the dentist can numb the area requiring treatment for a specific period of time. To eliminate the discomfort associated with injections, topical agents are applied to tissues prior to the injection. This combined with the use of Nitrous Oxide or "laughing gas" for relaxation can often reduce the pain, fear and anxiety associated with shots. The best way to avoid dental problems is to go to your dentist periodically and maintain good oral hygiene.