Pamini Sivakumar

Pamini Sivakumar

Pamini Sivakumar’s dental practice is very much focused on offering the best oral treatment possible to the patients by keeping their comfort as top priority and provides them the long term solution. She says that the mouth is the window to the overall health so she spends quality time in teaching patients about the basic oral care and its connections to the body’s systemic diseases. She accomplishes it with active listening, effective communications, caring approach and a gentle smile.

Mouth guard or Sports guard for athletes to prevent teeth injury, Sealants for kids to prevent cavities, orthodontics or braces are some of her favorite procedures. Pamini enjoys working with Markham NS dental as the staffs respect patients and treats them with care.

She loves to meet people from all walks of life and being able to help each other for their well-being. This philanthropic thought of her has driven her passion towards dentistry where she can contribute to bring the beautiful and healthy smile on people’s faces.

Providing highest quality of dental care in a friendly atmosphere, comprehensive approach and technological advanced treatment procedures makes her feel proud working with NS dental. She is honest in stating that she never worked at a clinic which is more devoted in helping patients in the way that NS dental does. She says every staff is just so genuinely kind and caring here.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her kids and enjoys watching movies.