Second Opinion and consultation is Free!


If you would like another opinion on your dental options, we are always happy to help. Contact us anytime to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. You will get a thorough oral exam, and Dr. Nalini Sutharsan will talk to you about her approach to the issue in question.

Perhaps you have been given a treatment plan that may be a bit hard to swallow in terms of length of treatment, cost, inconvenience and time off needed from work. We want you to know that there are options available. We are equipped and trained to offer you the broadest range of treatment options available. Rest assured that you will find an option that works for you here at Dentistry at Markham NS Dental.

So, if you are looking for a second opinion or would just like to explore what's possible in the areas of Cosmetic, Family, Implant, Orthodontic, Restorative Dentistry, please give us a call to set-up a complementary consultation at your convenience.