Smile as you Dream and wish!

There are many more options for orthodontics than there ever have been before. It's an exciting time to have your teeth straightened. We, at Markham NS Dental, will explain all your options and make sure you are comfortable with whichever choice best fits your needs.

Traditional Braces

When most people think of braces, traditional braces are what come to mind. These have metal wires and brackets which are used to put pressure on the teeth and gradually move them back into a correct position. During the duration of time that braces are worn, the bands are tightened to keep pressure on the teeth. One of the main advantages to traditional braces is they cannot be removed by the patient, which eliminates the possibility of children losing them. Today there are even options that allow you to choose the appearance of your traditional braces. The patient can get colored or multicolored bands to give it a more fun look and express their personality. Dr. Nalini Sutharsan prefers to use really small brackets to lessen the discomfort on the tender parts of the mouth that rub against the brackets.

Clear Wire/Bracket Braces

Some adults find wearing braces socially awkward. In order to be sensitive to her patients who feel this way, Dr. Nalini Sutharsan also offers clear braces. These work the same way as traditional braces, but are less obvious, helping patients feel more comfortable with their smile.