Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

Feels Like Natural Teeth!

Most people know that loose dentures can cause problems while eating. That’s because traditional dentures are dependent upon suction to hold them in place. In most cases this is sufficient for your upper jaw, however not for your lower jaw.

Dental implant supported dentures are also referred to as having an “overdenture” that’s directly attached to dental implants. Traditional dentures simply rest on top of your gums. Implant supported dentures are anchored to implants, thereby allowing them to fit firmly in your mouth. When you don’t have to worry about the fit of your dentures you have more confidence when you smile.

Dental implant supported dentures can be removed fairly easily but they remain firmly in place once they’re inserted into your mouth. The procedure is a painless long-lasting solution whether you use normal dental implants or mini dental implants.

You should discuss dental implant supported dentures with your dentist if you are losing or have lost all of your teeth. Even if you have lost some of your teeth and the remaining teeth are still healthy, you may achieve excellent results with a partial denture when a Markham NS Dentist performs the procedure.

If you do not have any teeth and you have enough bone remaining in your jaw for anchoring dental implants, a dental implant supported denture may be an excellent solution. The implant supported denture simply snaps onto the implant attachments that hold it securely in place. The attachments enable you to confidently bite and chew without worrying about your dentures falling out when eating, laughing or talking.

In addition, implant supported dentures fitted for the upper jaw covers a lot less of the palate (roof of your mouth) than traditional dentures, thereby greatly enhancing your ability to taste and enjoy your food.

Dental implant supported dentures are usually used for the lower jaw because traditional dentures are far less stable there. Actually, it’s quite common to have traditional dentures for the upper jaw, yet dentists will fashion an implant supported denture for the lower jaw. However, some patients require implant supported dentures in the lower and upper jaws. A properly installed implant supported denture requires a minimum of two implants for adequate support. The dentures should be removed daily for cleaning the dentures and your gums. They should also be removed each night before going to bed.

No matter what the case, having dental implant supported dentures is a serious decision and the medical and personal risks should be discussed thoroughly with Markham NS dentist Dr Nalini Sutharsan before choosing this option.