Steps to a Clean Office Environment!

Working in a safe, clean environment is essential for your protection and ours. We’re all concerned about transmissible diseases. We utilize Universal Precautions to ensure your dental visits are held in a safe, clean environment.

Here are some of the ways Markham NS Dental accomplishes that…

  1. Effective steam-based sterilization and disinfection processes.
  2. Use of disposables where necessary – gloves, masks, tray-covers, etc.
  3. Latex-free gloves and materials, hypo-allergenic office environment.
  4. Sterilization of dental headpieces after every use.
  5. Surface disinfection and cleaning protocols between each patient.
  6. Hands-free water faucets.
  7. Line purification to prevent contamination of dental unit water lines.
  8. Hand-cleansing stations throughout office.